Say No To Chemo: An Alternative Treatment for Breast Cancer

alternative treatment for breast cancer

Alternative Treatment for Breast Cancer: Prevent and Cure With Iodine

Chemotherapy claims the lives of over 600,000 Americans every year. That’s a lot. With a very low success rate of 2.3% being contributed to cancer survival, selling chemo as a medical treatment (instead of a scam), could be called one of the greatest fraudulent acts of all time. The average chemotherapy treatment case earns the medical industry anywhere between $300,000 and $1,000,000 each year, and has so far earned those who promote the poison over 1 trillion dollars. That is just in one country.

Despite diagnoses, prognosis, or genetic disposition, women everywhere should be made aware of an alternative treatment for breast cancer. That alternative option is supplemental iodine in tandem with a good diet.

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Beauty to Die For? The Real Dangers of Cosmetic Products

Cosmetic Product dangers

Dangers of Cosmetic Products

The average woman in American uses 15 health and beauty products every day before even leaving her house. However, the brands that are relied on by women everywhere to look their best may contain dangerous chemicals that have been linked to organ failure, birth defects, and cancer. Continue reading

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Understanding Food Labels and the Misdirection Behind Them

understanding food labels

Understanding Food Labels

Understanding food labels can be a challenge. Now-a-days, there seems to be much misdirection and misleading as to what you are really getting in the food you consume. Nutritional facts are no longer the focus, as the ingredients list has become the ever-changing and challenging part of understanding what goes into your food. Continue reading

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FDA Approved Foods To Avoid That Are Banned Elsewhere

FDA Approved Stamp

FDA Approved Foods to Avoid

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has a tendency to approve food products that are banned in other parts of the world. The main question that remains unanswered is: Why? Supermarket shelves throughout the U.S. are stocked with numerous food products that the FDA claims are safe to consume. However, many other countries throughout the world label the same foods to be deemed “unworthy”, and for the benefit of public safety and overall health, ultimately ban them from being sold anywhere within their borders. What do they know that we don’t? Continue reading

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6 Herbs that Promote Natural Weight Loss

promote weight loss naturally

Promote Natural Weight Loss With the Power of Herbs

Who knew that the same herbs and spices that have been used for so long to season foods to taste, could actually promote natural weight loss? It’s really only within the last few years that researchers have found that these admired components of everyday life could also assist and promote natural weight loss in the battle that so many wage. Continue reading

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Toxic Minds: 7 Heavy Metals to Detox for Your Mental Health

Heavy metal toxicity

Heavy Metal Toxicity

Regular exposure to heavy metals in our water, air and food is probably the most underrated toxicity threat of our era. The effects of constant exposure simply can’t be underestimated. The damage heavy metal exposure can cause is well beyond your physical health, as the mind is heavily poisoned and crippled by heavy metals. As an example, you may be consuming food and water that actually makes it impossible to achieve a state mental well-being and of lasting happiness, regardless of how psychologically stable you think you may be. The scary reality of heavy metal toxicity exists. The following is evidence which is provided by case studies and research that show how copper, mercury, lead, aluminum, cadmium, arsenic and cesium contribute to the poisoning of our minds. Continue reading

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Health Dangers of Soy: Depleting Testosterone in Men

Dangers of soy protein

Health Dangers of Soy Protein

The dangers of soy consumption to your health were reinforced in a recent study released by the University of Connecticut which reiterated how important it is to avoid soy. The researchers from the school concluded that men that consume soy protein rather than whey protein for muscle growth and/or recovery show substantial reductions in their testosterone levels, and increases in their levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Continue reading

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Cancer-fighting Just One of the Many Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

Health benefits of aloe vera

The Power of Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera, aside from being a plant you might find in someone’s house, does a lot more than provide a boost to your home decor. Actually, it’s wonderful in the ways of healing, and is beneficial when it comes to anything from treating burns, detoxifying your body, relieving constipation, protecting from oxidative stress, treating infections, and even stopping cancerous tumor growth.

Aloe Vera should be referred to as a superfood, as the leaf of the plant is filled with a gel that is packed with at least 20 minerals, 12 vitamins, 18 amino acids, 75 nutrients, and 200 active enzymes! Continue reading

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Beyond Chemtrails: The Dangerous Amounts of Lead in Jet Fuel

Dangers of Jet Fuel

Lead Is Falling From The Sky… A Lot Of It

Whether you are one that is able to accept the hard facts regarding chemtrails or not, the undeniable truth is that we are being polluted in more ways than one from the skies. In a previous post, entitled Chemtrails in our Sky, I discussed those long trails you see in the sky, and the intentional spraying of chemicals into our atmosphere. This post is to discuss a different (and more subtle) method of pollution from aircraft, the dangerous jet fuel that powers them.

plane sprayerAside from the engineered spraying mechanisms and housing tanks installed on countless aircraft for spraying chemtrails, every minute of every day aircraft are dispersing large amounts of lead, bromine, and chlorine by way of the aviation fuel (or avgas) that powers them. Avgas is the gas that piston-driven aircraft use (which is anything that doesn’t have a propeller) for fuel. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, an approximate total just short of 600 tons of lead are dumped every year in the sky over our heads from over-passing aircraft alone. Continue reading

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Mineral Deficiency: Linked to Every Disease & Sickness

Mineral depletion

Mineral Depletion Throughout the World

Mineral depletion over the last century or so has been terrible, which in turn has effected the natural mineral levels in our soils, and therefore natural mineral levels in the food that we consume. Over recent decades, this problem has only gotten worse, as we continue to strip the soil around the world of up to 80 trace minerals that are essential for optimum health.

As it turns out, every ailment or sickness that you experience is due to a mineral deficiency. Therefore, if you have sufficient levels of all of your minerals, you are the closest you will ever get to “perfect health.”

“You can trace every sickness, every disease, and every ailment to a mineral deficiency.” Continue reading

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9 Foods You Should Never Buy In Supermarkets

Foods to avoid in supermarkets

It’s no secret. There are problematic products available for purchase at most any supermarket in America. Most of us are well aware that a lot of these products contain ingredients that may be harmful to our health. We know that the produce section has fruits and vegetables that have been doused with pesticides, and contain GMOs. We know that processed foods are “bad” for you and are foods you should never buy. So why do we continue to buy them? Most of us don’t know the hard details about the worst of the worst. Continue reading

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Detox Wonders: 7 Detox Solutions Worth Trying

detox drop

Detox Wonders Await


Feeling tired lately or just out of sync? Are you noticing digestive problems, aches and pains, or cosmetic skin issues? Struggling to lose any weight regardless of what you do? You might want to consider a detox cleanse. Continue reading

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5 Toothpaste Brands With No Fluoride

Fluoride-free toothpastes

While the majority of toothpaste brands on the market contain fluoride, those of us that prefer to clean our teeth without the added chemical have several options in doing so. I’ve created a list of 5 toothpaste brands with no fluoride below. You can still have good oral hygiene without exposing yourself or your family to the dangers involved with fluoride. Continue reading

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Iodine – The Best Protection Against Radiation

protection against radiation

As it turns out, radiation is not just a threat from a nuclear attack, but something we should all be more knowledgeable of. The truth is that the threat of radiation effects you and all of your loved ones, both now and in the future. Your great grandchildren will live in a polluted and poisoned world much worse than the one we see today. We are surrounded by numerous sources of radiation, without even realizing the dangers involved. The best method of protection against radiation is the regular consumption of natural, non-radioactive iodine to saturate your thyroid, therefore rendering the toxic effects produced by radioactive iodine useless.

Nuclear power plants are one of the most obvious radiation threats. Nuclear power is very frequent in both the U.S. and Europe. However, despite the massive amount of energy that nuclear power plants provide, they are an extreme threat to the entire planet and all that inhabit it. Below is a map of all nuclear power plants that are currently in operation. Continue reading

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The 3 Best Iodine Supplements For Daily Use

3 Best Iodine Supplements

In a previous blog, entitled “Iodine Conspiracy?”, I discussed facts such as consuming iodine will immediately increase your body’s natural release of harmful toxins such as bromine, fluoride and even heavy metals like mercury and aluminium… all of which are linked to numerous conditions, disorders, and diseases. It even has cancer preventing abilities. I felt the need to write about the best iodine supplements available today, in hope of helping someone avoid something terrible as a result of being iodine deficient.

Iodine has a large list of benefits, among them is that it helps to maintain a healthy thyroid gland. The thyroid gland secretes hormones that control and regulate all sorts of things in your body. Things like digestion, your reproductive system, your nervous system, your heart rate, metabolism, body temperature, and body weight. Yes, you can even lose weight naturally by taking iodine. Continue reading

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Iodine Conspiracy?


According to numerous sources, consuming iodine will immediately increase your body’s ability to excrete fluoride, bromine, and even certain heavy metals like lead, aluminium, and mercury through urine. To speed up the excretion of heavy metals, check out my previous post entitled: Toxic Minds: 7 Heavy Metals to Detox for Your Mental Health.

Basically, iodine can help you to pee out a lot of the crap that shouldn’t be in your body. Iodine assists calcium in the building and repair of tissue in your body, restores warmth, and benefits the entire body tremendously. The hormones that a healthy thyroid produces regulate and control digestion, body temperature, heart rate, reproductive system, nervous system, and body weight. Deficiency is linked to cancer, Alzheimer’s, Hypothyroidism, mental retardation, cretinism, still births, goiter… and the list goes on.

3 Best Iodine Supplements

Could there really be an iodine conspiracy?

I can’t help but wonder why awareness of this essential mineral is not higher. If you ask someone about iodine, most of them won’t know anything about it. They may have heard about it, know that it is used as an injected contrast in xrays and medical scans, or even associate it with the thyroid. Most won’t have a clue how important it is for your entire body, or even know what the thyroid gland does. Most won’t be able to tell you the true benefits and how without it, you actually increase your overall risk of numerous disorders, conditions, and diseases. Continue reading

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How Pesticides Effect You and Your Family

Pesticides - Danger Poison Sign

Human exposure to pesticides is at an all time high. It seems like even when we try to eat healthy by buying fruits and vegetables at the store, we still are making unhealthy choices without even realizing it. Farming is a huge business, and some farming companies simply care more about what makes it to their bottom line rather than the effects of the chemicals they use. For some of these companies, using pesticides and GMO’s to acquire a high crop yield is higher on the priority list than the overall effects on the environment or the consumers of their products.

As it turns out, seven of the most toxic chemical compounds known to man have been approved for use in pesticides, to be directly applied to the crops we consume on a regular basis. These chemicals are referred to as “POP’s”(or Persistent Organic Pollutants.) They are referred to as “persistent” because they are not at all easily removed from the environment. The biggest risk to both our health and our environment is chemical pesticides. Continue reading

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No more chemtrails

Chemtrails Are Everywhere

I’m sure most of you have noticed the long trails running across the sky left from planes flying above. I’m also sure that most of you are unable to think of a time (before about 1996) when the skies looked as they do today. I remember my childhood full of bright sky blue bird days. Now, it seems like every time I am outside, I look above and can’t help but shake my head in both disgust and disappointment. Our world is being sprayed, and our skies and air tainted.

No Myth: Chemtrails Are Real

The topic of chemtrails is no myth, but fact. The evidence just keeps going. Doctors have come forward stating that they were responsible for caring directly for the pilots that were assigned to be spraying. There are tens of thousands of declassified admissions under different programs and agencies of the government that admit they have tested chemical, and biological agents on American citizens. Continue reading

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